No More Frog Jumps

Recently we posted about how I need to give up frog jumps because they are killing me. Yes… literally killing me. Not just because they require me to be speedy so I get out of breath, and my chub jiggles all over. Although that part is seriously no fun, the main reason, is because theContinue reading “No More Frog Jumps”

Tai Chi – A Whole Picture

When we talk of Tai Chi as a mind/body/spirit exercise, it’s to describe how we use all of our capacities when practicing. With our mind focused, our emotions settle, our body’s movements smooth out, our spirit can then present itself. It’s an intricate process, beginning on the surface of things. We start with how toContinue reading “Tai Chi – A Whole Picture”

Needing More Horse Stance

A lot of us have seen the memes that talk about someone complaining about Horse stance, which is when someone else says that they need more Horse stance. It gets repeated in our Kung Fu classes often enough.  Most of those who’ve done any of the classes at AFC716 has been in a Horse stance.Continue reading “Needing More Horse Stance”