Welcome to AFC716

It is our mission to provide a mind/body/spirit approach to health, exercise and the martial arts. By this we mean, as the body does the physical work, the mind must stay focused and alert to what is going on around us. This is essential to a Kung Fu. We must be able to read what is going on, in order to react to whatever situation we are in. More importantly, we learn not to put ourselves in bad situations. The spiritual side is what drives us, what keeps us coming back class after class. The spirit is the discipline, determination, and grit to learn the Kung Fu well!

We offer Traditional Tai Chi instruction and Traditional Kung Fu instruction, as well as, a new class called Kung Fu Fundamentals. We also offer More… More as in Kung Fu Blitz. Whether You’re interested in fun fitness classes, a more traditional martial arts class, or something that’s been described as a moving meditation, we have something of quality to offer you. And, we offer these classes without a contract.

Want to know our class times, Look at our Schedule

We have two instructors in each class. When there are students who have been in class for 3 months, and students have been in class for 3 weeks, we can then separate the class to be able to teach everyone where they are at.

At AFC716 we value a strong community where everyone can be themselves while practicing the martial arts. And, to have a school where everyone is taught where they are, not where anyone want’s them to be.

Let us know how we can help you achieve your health goals.