A Family that Kicks together, sticks together.

We offer something for everyone… From a tough workout, to Traditional Kung Fu Instruction, to a low impact moving meditation designed to restore your body… The only people who don’t succeed are those who don’t stick with it!

While all the classes listed below offer something slightly different, they are all about bringing health into our lives.


Traditional Kung Fu

  • Are you looking for an exercise that teaches you something?
    • A workout that keeps you interested?
  • Are you looking for a traditional martial art?
    • A philosophy passed down through the centuries?
  • Are you looking for something beyond just Self Defense?
  • Kung Fu is the right choice.

Kung Fu Fundamentals

  • Are you Looking for a tough workout?
    • An exercise that teaches you Self Defense?
  • Are you looking for the fundamentals of a martial art?
    • Where you can train these to mastery?
  • Kung Fu Fundamentals is for you.

Kung Fu Blitz

  • Are you looking for a fast pace HIIT inspired workout?
  • Are you looking for a routine simple to learn?
  • Are you looking for something that will make you stronger while burning calories?
  • Kung Fu Blitz is for you.

Tai Chi

  • Are you looking for a low impact exercise?
    • One done entirely on your feet?
  • Are you trying to improve your balance?
  • Are you looking to build coordination?
  • Are you looking to build your energy?
  • Are you looking to relieve stress?
  • Tai Chi will help with all of these.