AFC716 Has Always Been About…

We’ve recently been watching Cobra Kai on Netflix. While this post starts off talking about that show, it’s less of a review of it, and more of a spark for an idea about what AFC716 has always been.  Miyagi-do Karate in season two of the show brings people together. They are not divisive. They doContinue reading “AFC716 Has Always Been About…”

Relentless: Part two – Kate’s ramblings

In the last post I wrote about how being relentless in my dedication to be better and do better was a good thing. I relentlessly show up both for myself and for my classes who rely on me. These are great things. There is, however, a part of me that doesn’t want to.  That naggingContinue reading “Relentless: Part two – Kate’s ramblings”