Try Something New… Learn Kung Fu

The New Year is upon us. Many see 2020 as a rough year. They’re happy to be done with it, and ready to move on to 2021. The New Year is often looked at as a way to start over or to try something new.

Learn Kung Fu!

As we learn Kung Fu and begin the journey, it becomes part of who we are. 

Enjoy the Self-discovery.

Embrace the Self- discipline.

Reap the benefits of full body fitness.

Become a Bad Ass!

Now is YOUR time.

No matter what 2021 brings you can count on your practice of Kung Fu. There is always something to learn, practice at home, or with us in class. We work hard together and share the camaraderie of class time. It feels like a second home for us at AFC716. 

~ Kate

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