Method to Our Madness

First and foremost we teach by positive reinforcement. We are supportive and empowering. We will let you know when you are doing things correctly. We will correct your practice as necessary, but in a way which will leave you feeling confident that you got this!

Our classes are about rejuvenation and re-energizing. In this world of always on the go, we all could use some time every day to do this. We can start by learning a method for this re-energizing in a class one hour a week.

Our teaching method is slow and methodical. We make sure that you have a concrete knowledge of the first move before you move on to the second, and so on through the 17 movement section one. This seems slow at first, however that is usually a good thing, so as to not overwhelm anyone.

We all know in this busy world that we cannot always make it to a class every week. That is why we offer make up classes.