Core De Force

Core De Force is a blend of martial arts, cardio and conditioning. This 50 minute work out gets you punching, kicking and moving your body into the best all around shape. The class is broken into “rounds” with a punch/kick combination followed by a speed section. Everything can be modified for most people. Everyone goes at their own speed and does the best they can. The goal is to better yourself each and everytime you come to class.

Instructor: Kate Molik


I have always loved martial arts. I chose to get certified in Core De Force because it stays true to my martial arts heart but takes the fitness part to a new level. This class challenges me mentally and physically and the people who participate have become my tribe. I began teaching the class in January 2018 and not only haveI lost scale weight but the inches have melted off. My goal was to get stronger and I have met and exceeded my goal. I love the group setting because we work hard and build each other up. I teach the class with a sense of humor. We all make mistakes and screw up the moves, as long

as you are moving your body and having a good time, that is all that matters.

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