We consider the people who come into our school, friends and part of a healthy community we are trying to build. We work out together, learn together, and more. We hang out together, sharing meals, having fun!

Here is what some of our friends say about us…


“AFC 716 is a great school with a community oriented atmosphere. Everybody is very welcoming and want to improve themselves in the martial arts. If you want to get fit and have fun while doing it – go to AFC 716!”


“Very friendly atmosphere. I was there for Kung Fu, and I am totally new to it, and was grateful to get some quality instruction.”


“Really enjoying the Tai Chi class! I can’t say enough good things about the instructors!”


“I see so many older people have a hard time getting up off a chair or off the floor for that matter; I don’t want that in my elderly years – I am 2 years from 50 and I think about these things. Kung-Fu, and its focus on low stances really appeals to me, more so than any other martial arts out there. Hey, Kung-Fu is an ancient martial art and I am sure everything they do is for a reason – to keep us flexible and strong – strong roots means strong tree, right? So I made the choice to join AFC716, and I absolutely love every minute of it!”


“Great place that offers a variety of different fitness classes that are small enough for you to get individual attention every time you attend!”


“I attend a Tai Chi class at AFC716 In the Village of Hamburg where the instructors, Daniel and Kate, give a friendly and positive atmosphere. Within a small class of other students the instructors are still able to give us individual attention to learn the moves, and feel good about ourselves.”


“I was looking for a fun, but structured, activity for my son and I found the perfect fit with Kung Fu!  Kate and Daniel are so great with the kids and know how to perfectly mix structure and learning with fun games to keep my son wanting to go back for more!”


“I would like to give a Big Thank You to Kate and Daniel from AFC716 in Hamburg for taking time out of their personal lives to teach Kung Fu… My grandson’s have been attending for two years now and they truly enjoy it.”

If you want to provide us with a comment, feedback, or your opinion, please email Shifu Daniel.