AFC716 Has Always Been About…

We’ve recently been watching Cobra Kai on Netflix. While this post starts off talking about that show, it’s less of a review of it, and more of a spark for an idea about what AFC716 has always been. 

Miyagi-do Karate in season two of the show brings people together. They are not divisive. They do not create a separation between groups of people. All are welcome in learning their art. All are able to learn to defend themselves in their tradition.

We at AFC716 have always wanted a community where everyone feels safe and secure to be themselves. We want a place where each of us can continue down the road toward our health goals, and we have always wanted to spread the wisdom of these great martial arts.

There are certain things that are learned along the way, such as respect for the teachers, as well as the other students. The Shyun Systems of  Tai Chi, and Eight Step Preying Mantis Kung Fu are in depth arts which can fulfill an individual for a life time. The Kung Fu Blitz can offer a great, yet simple workout. AFC716 however, offers more. We feel that one of the best things about this school is the great connections we make with new people. Finding amazing people who all share some common interests. Having lasting friendships develop from an original initial meeting… Ask Kate, or I someday about how the two of us first met, and we’ll tell you a fun story about an F’ing poke.

AFC716 has always been about inclusion, and respect for one another. It’s more than just a school teaching Kung Fu & Tai Chi. It’s about friends and family who have built a community around the martial arts together. Who hang out and enjoy each others company outside of classes. It’s about enlarging our circle of friends, into our tribe of people!

Shifu Daniel Cimino

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