Black Coffee Initiative

I remember the day I started drinking coffee. I was at my friend’s wedding and I really needed some energy if I was going to dance the night away. It was the summer of 2008. Up until then coffee smelled good but was the grossest thing ever, no matter how much junk I put in it.  

I was sitting with some friends and everyone was dumping cream and sugar in their coffee and enjoying the wedding cake. I did the same… and said a silent prayer that I wouldn’t gag and took a sip… it was good.  I took another sip, dove into my cake, and finished the coffee…

I then danced the night away. WHAT IS THIS MAGICAL POTION?!?!?!?!?

Thus began my love hate relationship with coffee.

I love it and can drink it all day. I hate how much junk I need in it to make it taste good. As I have changed the way I eat over the years, the stuff I put in my coffee has changed too. When I was plant based, I had to eliminate dairy and went with nut based milk and sugar. It was ok. 

I didn’t feel well eating that way so I flipped the switch and eliminated sugar and added back meat and dairy choosing to live the low carb life. I added heavy whipping cream to my coffee and LOVED it. I was able to totally remove any sweetener as long as I had some cream. What a win. Then… I stopped losing weight. 

I did some research and I stumbled on Intermittent fasting. I gave it a shot. It wasn’t hard. I read books and follow groups. Some people can have a little cream in their coffee, or a diet soda and still do well. I have found that makes my hunger worse. So I have to go with … GASP…. Black coffee…

I started slowly. Backing off on the amount of cream that I use and then I bit the bullet at drank a whole cup. It was ok. I survived. I even kind of like it. Admittedly, I like the kind of coffee we have at home.  At work, it’s ok. I need to sprinkle in a bit of salt to cut the bitterness.

I am beginning to enjoy it. At this point in the journey, I still prefer a cup of cream with a hint of coffee, but I am learning to like it black. Maybe one day, I will crave it.

How do you take your coffee? Do you have any tricks for me?


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