The Art of Tai Chi

While Tai Chi is based on certain rules, such as, form, balance and continual motion. It becomes inherently one’s own. Two people may be doing the same move, but they each make it their own. One person may have a bad shoulder, and applies our principle of “if it hurts don’t do it”. They, therefore, make a Tai Chi “move” look slightly different than a person who doesn’t have that same injury… They don’t raise their arm as high as the other.

The injured person will still practice daily, sometimes more than the person who is not injured. They will apply the rules of Tai Chi to their motions. They will be in balance. Their body will be coordinated well. They will be moving slowly and steadily, never stopping. Their form may be slightly different though.

This is what we call making it your own. Doing the health set 1000 times, it will never be forgotten. Doing the health set 1000 times, helps you make it individually yours. Each practitioner will follow the rules. Based on their individual bodies, and how they move, they express it slightly differently. This then becomes creative part of Tai Chi. The art of Tai Chi.

Shifu Daniel Cimino

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