Filing Up Cups

If you have ever taken a Tai Chi class with us, you have most likely heard us talk about balance.

What is balance? I am so glad you asked! A quick google search of the word gives a few different definitions. Each one is important and meaningful.

During a class you will hear us talk about your physical balance. Maintaining an even distribution of weight to enable you to remain upright while learning and practicing Tai Chi. We show you how to shift your weight between your legs to help you maintain your posture while keeping you as steady as possible.

We like to talk about filling up your cups. The cups are a lot like your legs. … some like to imagine mugs like the picture above and others like to imagine red solo cups. As we shift our weight from one leg to the other, it’s like pouring water from one cup to the other. It’s always easier to move a cup with little to nothing in it. Pour all the water into one cup and move the empty cup and begin to fill the empty cup from the full one. We shift our weight into our right leg before we turn our left foot and begin to shift the weight back into the left leg thereby ensuring we do our best to never turn a joint with weight on it. We cannot break infallible rule number 3… or is it 4? I can never remember.

Balance can also mean doing whatever we can to remain upright in life. Take it from a person who falls down a lot because I am always “busy”. It’s a struggle sometimes to stop and be quiet. There is always one more thing to be done, or one more thing to say. I have a hard time being okay with where I am, like Daniel say’s. So Balance for me is coming to class. It helps me to focus on you for the hour you are with us. By helping you learn to calm and balance yourself physically and mentally, I find my own inner balance.

You can’t fill from an empty cup as they say. If you ask us, we will make tea in class, and we can all enjoy filled cups.

Whether you come to class regularly or you are still on the fence about trying it out, I hope to see you soon. We can figure out this crazy upright life thing together. It’s always better when we are together.

~Kate (and Daniel because I made him proof read this)

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