Our Mission

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What we teach here at AFC716 helps people stay healthy, active, mindful, energized, slimmer, calmer, and more relaxed. It helps people improve their balance, mental focus and improve their happiness! It helps people develop an integrated mind/body/spirit approach to exercise and their health. As this is developed it will spread into other areas of our lives, and benefit them too. 

While training the body will help people stay active, build balance, stay energized and become slimmer, it leaves out other aspects of what we’re helping people achieve. The body should be strong, but it is not where we stop. It is where we start.

Training the mind will build mindfulness, help us stay calmer and be more relaxed. This helps balance the the training of the body. With the mind being strengthened alongside the body discipline, responsibility, patience, respect, integrity, and self confidence are all built up. The mind can be seen as a muscle which needs to be strengthened too.

Training the spirit completes this trifecta. With all three being developed we become healthier and happier. The body working with the mind is a powerful force able to achieve great things. When we train our spirit with them though, we are able to take a step beyond physical strength, logic, will power, and move towards truth, and freedom. Towards creating the art in martial arts. 

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