Usually when we worry we have an issue, or a problem to solve. However, worrying just gives us one more thing to overcome. It only adds to our problem, or issue.

Giving into the negative energy of worry starts this self perpetuating cycle leading down into despair and overwhelm.

We can probably all totally relate and agree with the above, but how do we stop ourselves from worrying?

Not allowing yourself to worry is like building any muscle, or skill. It takes time, discipline and effort.

It starts with awareness. Notice when we’re worrying. Where does our attention go? To our fears, to what could go wrong, to what can be worse than our current situation.

When we notice this process, we then possess a remarkable power, the power of detachment… When we’re detached/separated from that emotion, this worry, or fear no longer has a hold of us.

We need to use this power when we have it though. We need to then take our attention and place it on something positive. We need to then place our attention on the successful outcome of whatever situation or problem we face.

If we’re faced with hiking a mountain, imagine yourself on top of it, with a giant smile on your face! Your friends are congratulating you for a tough accomplishment, and you return the congratulations to them. See yourself stare in awe at this remarkable view in front of you… it was worth every step. The warm sun on your face, no wind, just sitting on a rock on this still clear day, enjoying every second. You did it!

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