Move Better, Breath Better, Feel Better


In Tai Chi practice our intent is to move and breath together as one. This creates a sensation of harmony and balance.

When we shift our weight back, we breath in. When we shift our weight forward, we breath out. This is the start. This is where we notice the connection between our body and breath.

We follow the lead of the breath’s initiation, and respond. We harmonize our movement with our breath, as a guitar responds to the beat of the drum. The breath takes charge with a slow steady rhythm, and our movements responds with its actions.

As only repeated practice can provide, we start to learn the song. Sooner or later our breath and body start playing together as one. That is, they sync up and we don’t hear the individual instruments. Our bodies, and our breath know the tune, they just play together.

There is no initiation and responding anymore. They work together so effortlessly, that we cannot distinguish which is leading, and which is following anymore. This is the beauty of the health form of Tai Chi. The union of body, breath, and mind.

Even though there was no discussion of mind here, it cannot be removed from this band. It is the Maestro, the conductor, or the band leader. The one which has the overall picture of the song in mind the whole time. Even when we don’t notice it. When we are familiar with the song, and it’s parts well enough, we start jamming as a whole. This is the fun part!


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